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Outsourcing of CSR and ESG


Whether you decide to outsource sustainability activities due to maternity leave, issues in terms of finding the right profile for the job, or a temporary downscaling of resources, you are looking into several upsides when working with us to ensure progress and performance.

Outsourcing of CSR and ESG to kissCSR brings several benefits:


We provide the expertise: We are experienced in assessing and managing ESG risks and opportunities, which can help your company identify and address ESG issues more effectively


We provide an objective perspective on your company's ESG performance, which helps to identify areas for improvement and reduce potential biases


We provide a cost-effective solution, as it allows your company to access specialized expertise and resources without the need to hire and train additional staff


We provide ongoing support and guidance to help your company continuously improve your CSR and ESG performance over time


We help your company to scale your CSR and ESG efforts to match your growth and expansion, which can be especially useful for smaller companies or those who are new to ESG reporting


We bring an updated outside-in perspective on your business – and more often than not industry knowledge on relevant peers


We help you determine which specific profile you need to secure continuous improvement when we finish the task


We provide a full-service solution with two senior profiles at a much lower cost than a full-time employee

Overall, an outsourcing of CSR to kissCSR is a cost-effective and efficient way for your company to manage and improve your environmental, social, and governance performance and reporting.

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