Outsource CSR

Cost-efficient and effective

Whether you decide to outsource sustainability activities due to maternity leave, issues in terms of finding the right profile for the job or a temporary downscaling of resources, you are looking into several upsides when working with us to ensure progress and performance:

Immediate cost savings and efficient sustainability reporting

A no-hazzle-solution and expertise from two senior profiles

Outside-in view on existing sustainability performance and communication 

Simple and efficient risk management and compliance with current legislation 

Sharpened focus and cost savings through careful de-selection of initiatives based on present market and stakeholder expectations 

Steppingstones and guidelines for commercial leverage and differentiation on sustainability

Guidance on solid anchoring of sustainability across line of business and turning sustainability into an integral part of the business strategy

More than an FTE-employee

Cross-sector knowledge and commercial focus is key when turning sustainability into more than just an annual report. When working with us you get knowledge and experience from several industries and high-performing peers as an integral part of the package. We also challenge your current mindset and setup at no extra cost. 

In most cases we find the answer in a year-long focus and expert work on compliance and risk management combined with a lack of knowledge on how to target key stakeholders through sustainability, which is crucial in terms of stepping out of the shadow from companies that are yet to see a solid commercial upside and business case on sustainability.

Prior to our initial meeting we will do an initial screening of your CSR and sustainability efforts and suggest focus areas and room for optimizations as input to your decision on a future collaboration. 

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