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The sustainability tsunami will transform businesses in the next decade. We help our clients become winners in the sustainability race


We assisted Berendsen in developing the company’s new long-term sustainability strategy in close alignment with their strong track-record on social responsibility, corporate strategy and DNA. Through an in-depth analysis of Berendsens business, their value chain, interviews with key employees and customers, benchmarks and best practice etc. we outlined a clear direction for their sustainability efforts towards 2030 all encapsulated by a new purpose “Together around clean conscience”.

Key initiatives include: 100% reuse of textile, 100% green car fleet and best workplace in Denmark

The Sustainable Development Goals are an integral part of the strategy and Berendsen have, as the first company in the world, achieved an SDG certification by Bureau Veritas. 

Berendsen in short:
Berendsen is part of Elis SA - an international textile, hygiene and facility services partner with a leading position in most of the 28 countries in Europe and Latin America in which they operate. The company is listed on Euronext Paris.


“For us, kissCSR was the decisive factor in finding our way in the complexity of sustainability in terms of sincere impact and return on investment. They bring a very structured approach to the table and hold deep knowledge on numerous sustainability issues from compliance and risk management to go-to-market. We would highly recommend working on sustainability with kissCSR if you want to succeed in making a strategy on sustainability that contributes to the bottom line and at the same time promote a sustainable development".   

Anna-Sofie Plougmand, Head of Marketing and Business Development and Louise Elver, CSR-manager




An ADD-ON strategy or a

real strategy?

Sustainable strategy

& branding

Most strategies on sustainability are fluffy, conventional and mirror competitor’s efforts. We do the exact opposite! We link it to the core business and turns it into a measurable market differentiator 

Outsource CSR

We have successfully solved essential sustainability and CSR assignments due to redundancies, maternity leave, or challenges in finding the right candidate with the right skills and competencies. We can cost-effectively ensure that you continue to meet stakeholder demands and expectations

In need of A PROFESSIONAL and




Is your sales force equipped to

sell sustainability?

Sustainable go-to-market

Sustainability is rapidly becoming a competitive parameter in customer dialogues whether  B2B or B2C. However, this challenge conventional solution selling, marketing and sales profiles. We make sustainability pay off in the market   



We stay true to our name and Keep It Simple and Sincere


We mix sincere impact with return on investment


We are confident that sustainable businesses outmatch conventional businesses 


Big impact through others

Seriously. You want to challenge conventional business for a better world? Indeed! In close collaboration with our clients we develop sustainable strategies that make your socks jump off. Strategies that inspire customers and push competitors - industry by industry - to follow suit. This is how we make impact. 

To succeed with sustainability, it is paramount to Keep It Simple & Sincere. It needs to be understandable and executable - and more importantly - it is all about bringing passion and magic into sustainability. We challenge what you think you know on sustainability, confront fluffy CSR and enable you to take advantage of the biggest challenge of the twenty-first century.   

kiss was founded in 2018 by Morten Hove Tang-Jensen and Jan Damkjær as a strategy and management consultancy.


We work with clients to make them winners in the sustainability race through deep commercial insights and a long track-record on sustainability combined with experience from a variety of sectors and industries

"We are confident that sustainability will transform organisations for the better in the next decade"


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