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Get to know us

kiss is an independent management consulting firm focusing on the intersection between sustainability, ESG, strategy, business development and change management. 

Simplicity and sincerity are not only part of our name and approach but also our way of doing business. Our customers, no matter size, deal directly with the founders from the initial meeting to the final handover. Working closely with a small bunch of customers enables us to focus on tailored solutions and superior service. 

Our Story

kiss was found in 2018 and holds over 25 years’ experience in the tension field between sustainability, business development, strategy, and sales in companies such as Ørsted, Novozymes and Siemens. We have partnered for impact with customers in a variety of industries such as design and furniture, transport, healthcare, and numerous manufacturing companies including aerospace and construction.

To succeed with sustainability, it is paramount to Keep It Simple & Sincere. It needs to be understandable and executable - and more importantly - it is all about bringing passion and magic into sustainability. We challenge what you think you know on sustainability, confront fluffy CSR and enable you to take advantage of the biggest challenge of the twenty-first century.   

Our balance sheet

There are few defining moments in life. Moments where we, as individuals or companies, stand up to something – and actively choose something before something else. A time that changes the future and the narrative of us as individuals and companies.

Let's start with the obvious. The state of the world is out of balance, whether we are talking nature, climate, cohesion or equality. This led us, back in 2018, to quit our good jobs to take up the fight to push companies in a more sustainable direction. It was not with the objective to become rich and famous. We wanted to work differently and more flexible, and with more opportunities to pursue quirky ideas and do things our way - but without being uncompromising. A little more skewed and different than everyone else with a strong and proven foundation in sustainability and ESG.


We are driven by the belief that through creativity, professionalism and strong and honest partnerships with our customers, we can make a significant difference and challenge our customers to have more appetite and courage for sustainability. It should pay off, but it's not a free round. Time, investments and enthusiasm must be allocated to become winners in the sustainability race.

Fortunately, we are not like everyone else. This is expressed in our modi operandi, which defines our priorities and our way of working, and reflects the way we want our stakeholders to see us.


There are other things in life than work


Make things happen


Good ideas

takes time


Real change is difficult but not impossible


Better small and awake, than big and lazy

For us, a balance sheet is more than euros and cents. It's about balancing the things that are important for doing business – to accommodate the new conditions and opportunities a changing world brings.

Keep it simple and sincere!


Meet the Founders

Areas of expertise

  • Sustainability, ESG and CSR

  • Strategy development

  • Change management on sustainability

  • Go-to-market on sustainability

  • Leadership training on sustainability

  • Speaker on sustainability and social impact

Former employment

  • Ørsted 

  • Bech-Bruun 

  • Novozymes

  • Novo Nordisk 

Areas of expertise

  • Sustainability, ESG and CSR

  • Purpose and manifestio

  • Strategy deployment

  • Governance and implementation of sustainability

  • Sales and commercial training on sustainability

  • Speaker on sustainability and social impact

Former employment

  • Ørsted

  • Dong Energy

  • Siemens 

  • Danske Bank

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