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Customer cases

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Going green strategy and ESG reporting

Flügger Group is an international group based in the Nordic region. It has annual revenue of around DKK 2,500 million. The company is listed on the stock exchange and has over 2,600 employees.

We helped Flügger develop their going green strategy setting new ambitions and targets for sustainable growth. Through an intensive and engaging process involving the board, top management, and functions across the line of business, we conducted numerous workshops, extensive benchmark analysis, materiality assessments, customer engagement, and much more.


Following the strategy, we have prepared the annual ESG report, due diligence investigations, and much more.


ESG strategy and reporting

TCM Group is a publicly listed and leading innovative manufacturer of kitchens and furniture for bathrooms and storage and is the company behind the brands Svane Køkkenet, Tvis Køkken, and Nettoline.

We have assisted TCM Group in developing a group-wide ESG strategy and communication plan. The process included a benchmark analysis, a value chain assessment, workshops, interviews, target setting, and much more.


We also assisted TCM in preparing the ESG section for the annual report.


Sustainability strategy and advisory

LEMAN is a global transport and logistics company serving customers from offices around the world.

kissCSR have assisted LEMAN in developing a new and updated unified sustainability strategy that sets the direction for CSR, climate, and environmental matters.
The work included several workshops, analysis, and presentations. The result is a coherent strategy with clear objectives that will help LEMAN to prioritize efforts over the coming years. 

We continue to work with LEMAN on their sustainability journey through ongoing advisory. Fell free to visit:

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Sustainable strategy and benchmark


Ege Carpets is one of Europe's leading companies regarding the craft of wall-to-wall carpets, rugs, carpet tiles, and planks for commercial buildings, hotels, cruise ships, art galleries, exhibitions, and more.

We have assisted Ege Carpets in developing their long-term strategy on sustainability aligned with customer needs, market conditions, trends, and corporate strategy.

Ege Carpets have a long tradition of working systematically with CSR and sustainability on various issues. Therefore, one of the most important tasks was to sharpen the focus on Ege Carpets' sustainability efforts going forward. We did this by selecting a handful of lighthouse targets, deselecting others, and applying internal knowledge and expertise from the line of business.


Sustainability strategy

Elis is an international textile, hygiene, and facility services partner with a leading position in most of the 28 countries in Europe and Latin America


We assisted the Danish branch of Elis in developing the company's new long-term sustainability strategy in close alignment with their strong track record on social responsibility, corporate strategy, and DNA.


Through an in-depth analysis of Elis Danish business, their value chain, interviews with key employees and customers, benchmarks and best practices, etc. we outlined a clear direction for their sustainability efforts towards 2030 all encapsulated by a new purpose "Together around clean conscience” 

Actona Group.png

Strategy, action planning, governance and extensive training 

Actona case.png

"kissCSR have been a decisive factor in succeeding in making sustainability an integrated part of our corporate strategy. In addition, they have carried out comprehensive and industry-relevant training of our top-level management, commercial, and operations in applying sustainability in their function and managing the business”.

Jimmi Mortensen, CEO, Actona Group

Actona Group A/S is a global company specializing in supplying furniture to on- and offline retailers. The turnover is more than 360 million euros and the company has around 4,000 dedicated employees.

We have had the pleasure of working closely together with Actona Group covering a variety of sustainability assignments from strategy development and deployment, action planning to dedicated and tailored training of their employees from the leadership team to procurement and global sales.   


Sustainable strategy and action plan

Davidsen billede.jpg

"We have had a very good collaboration with kissCSR regarding further development of our strategy for sustainability and completion of project plans and action plans. Among other things, KissCSR distinguished itself by good cooperation with our specialists and great insight into a wide range of sustainability areas"


Mikkel Bang Hedelund, Head of Sustainability.

Davidsens Tømmerhandel A/S is a 100% Danish-owned trading company with a turnover of more than 4 billion DKK. Davidsen offers a wide range of products within timber and construction. In addition to being a nationwide timber retailer, Davidsen has a branch in Nuuk and the industry's largest webshop.

In kissCSR, we have helped Davidsen to complete the development of their sustainability strategy and set up objectives and action plans for action areas in close cooperation with specialists across line of business.

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