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Training and

Learning and building confidence in sustainability among your workforce is critical to make sustainability work in the organization.

When upskilling employees in capabilities within sustainability and ESG, a key focus is to provide them with industry-relevant knowledge, skills, and tools necessary to understand and address environmental and social issues within their specific roles. This includes training in areas such as sustainable business practices, compliance, resource management, and sustainable product development and design. Additionally, it is important to provide employees with opportunities to apply their newly acquired skills and knowledge through projects, initiatives, and other real-world applications.


We follow certain key well-tested steps that we know work effectively when getting your hands dirty on sustainability.


We start by assessing the employee target group and the current level of sustainability knowledge and skills among your employees: This step involves identifying gaps in knowledge and skills to develop a tailored training program.

We develop a program that addresses the identified gaps in knowledge and skills, as well as provides opportunities for employees to apply their learning to their work.


We deliver training in various formats such as online courses, workshops, webinars, and on-the-job training.


We provide employees with the resources and support their need to continue learning and applying their sustainability knowledge and skills over time.


We measure progress and evaluate the effectiveness of the training program. This step involves assessing the impact of the training program on employees' knowledge, skills, and behavior, as well as identifying areas for further improvement.

Key insights on sustainability are important to employees because it provides them with the knowledge, skills, and tools necessary to get the work done on sustainability matters. This helps employees make more informed decisions, work more efficiently, and contribute to the company's sustainability goals.


Moreover, having strong sustainability culture and insights within the company improves employee engagement, motivation, and retention. Providing employees with ongoing support and resources for learning and development in sustainability is a key step in building a more sustainable future.

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