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Advisory board

As an external advisory board on sustainability and ESG we provide guidance on your strategy and performance, keep an eye out for competitor performance, trends, and new development, review and provide feedback on ESG reports, identify risks and opportunities related to ESG issues, and helping to identify and implement best practices for managing sustainability risks and opportunities.

Having KissCSR as an external advisory board can help your company gain an external, independent, and expert perspective on your ESG performance, which can be valuable in terms of identifying areas for improvement, managing risks and opportunities, and enhancing reputation and stakeholder confidence.


No one-size fits all advisory setup exists, as it is dependent on specific needs and existing processes in the specific company. That said, we normally go through most of the steps below:


We create an agenda for the board's meetings, which typically includes topics such as reviewing the company's sustainability strategy and performance, discussing emerging ESG issues and trends, and providing feedback on sustainability reports. We normally design it as an annual wheel adjusted to the schedule of management and board meetings already set in your company.

We conduct regular meetings, typically on a quarterly or bimonthly basis, where we review the company's sustainability performance, provide feedback and advice, and discuss emerging industry issues and trends.

We review your company’s sustainability report, provide feedback and advice on the report's content and presentation, and help to ensure that the report is accurate and compliant with relevant standards and guidelines.

We identify and discuss opportunities and risks related to sustainability and provide advice on how to manage and mitigate these.

We provide guidance on your company's sustainability strategy, including setting and achieving sustainability goals, identifying, and prioritizing sustainability initiatives, and implementing best practices with respect to the business case.

Bringing KissCSR in, in an advisory board setup provides you with expert strategic guidance, advice, and support to your company on sustainability performance, strategy, and reporting.


It helps your company identify and manage opportunities and risks, and continuously improve your sustainability performance over time.

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